Oxo Museo Brings Life To The History Of The Video Game

The Malaga museum institution trusts in Panasonic Connect audiovisual technology to reinvent its 360º immersive room

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Client: OXO Video Game Museum

Location: Málaga

Product(s) supplied: PT-MZ680 PT-MZ880 ET-ELU20


Boost the quality of the immersive room at the OXO Video Game Museum, creating a 360º immersive multipurpose space that would promote a unique experience for its visitors, exceeding their expectations.


A projection system with 3 LCD technology was installed; 9 PT-MZ680 laser projectors for floor projections and 6 PT-MZ880 projectors for walls. Creating an immersive environment at 60 frames per second, considering aspects such as the proximity of the user to the wall and ensuring that no shadows were generated.

Málaga ​​2023 – OXO Video Game Museum of Málaga, a center dedicated to the past, present and future of video games and promoted by Kaiju Entertainment, a verticalized company in the gamer industry, has given a twist to its immersive room, through the audiovisual technology from Panasonic Connect, with a result that lives up to the demands of video game fans.

"From the moment you cross the doors of our museum, you immerse yourself in an experience that redefines your perception of reality. Our immersive room, strategically located at the beginning of your visit, is the first stop on your journey and has an exceptional surprise in store for you. Through cutting-edge technology, this room transports you directly into a video game, triggering amazement and delight in visitors of all ages. For us it is a pleasure to be at the service of such interesting projects with so much potential as the OXO Video Game Museum. This reaffirms our commitment to the entertainment and culture industry, where immersive projections are becoming increasingly important,” says Daniel Collado, Partner Account Manager at Panasonic Connect, who adds that “this project was a challenge for us, given that We had to be very precise when coordinating with the installation team. The projection was the protagonist of the immersive room at the OXO Video Game Museum, so we had to consider aspects such as the proximity of the user to the wall and ensure that no shadows were generated. All this to contribute to an unforgettable experience for the user."

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