Panasonic TOUGHBOOK in service of G.D production and packaging plants

G.D, a prominent Italian-based supplier specializing in production and packaging machinery, opted to leverage Panasonic Mobile Solutions for facilitating mobile onboard interactions within its machinery.

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Originally founded in 1923 as a motorcycle factory and now a key entity within the international Coesia Group, G.D boasts a portfolio of high-speed production lines and a diverse array of solutions catering to the global manufacturing industry. The company is esteemed as a primary partner for delivering cutting-edge machines tailored for the next wave of products.

Alongside with its commitment to delivering highly competitive products and services that precisely fit customer’s needs, G.D has embarked on a trajectory of innovation and deep transformation. This journey involves the development of new prototypes for automatic machinery, that are capable of assembling and packaging the forthcoming generation of products. This integration integrates the company's extensive experience with state-of-the-art technology, a signature characteristic of G.D throughout its history.

To achieve this objective, G.D has integrated Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices into its production solutions. The fully rugged tablets, notably the G2 and 33 models, are mainly employed in two ways: a standard mode, installed onboard machinery with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and expanded RAM connectivity, and a stand-alone mode, featuring an LTE module for technical use by field operators and remote assistance in branch offices.

"As a company that utilized industrial PCs for over 25 years, our recent transition to Panasonic Mobile Solutions was driven by the quest to identify a singular, dependable, and competitive supplier for onboard mobile interactions. Having a product that demonstrates stability over time is pivotal for us concerning release management, compatibility, and device obsolescence. Panasonic's reliability immediately stood out, offering customization and consistent updates across hardware and software without a single flaw in the process."

These devices, meant to be integrated into machinery, are designed to meet stringent safety, robustness, and dust resistance standards (IP65), seamlessly combining these attributes with the high level of reliability demanded by customers. Panasonic's TOUGHBOOKS aptly fulfil these criteria and are now integral to G.D’s operations, serving a spectrum of functions encompassing machine control, interface services for advanced operators, remote assistance, and other tasks requiring mobile interactivity.

"We are very satisfied of the collaboration with G.D, a valued partner with whom we share a convergence of perspectives. Both our entities, though operating in distinct sectors, epitomize technology and innovation, fostering an exciting synergy. "

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