Easy & Efficient Price Management with ESLs

Convenience just got more convenient.

Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) is a smart price management system that reduces staff workload and enhances customer experience by adjusting shop floor prices to match point of sale prices automatically. 
By digitizing your price management, you can save time, eliminate errors and complaints, improve compliance and improve efficiency for happier staff and shoppers.

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A packaged solution for your Stores

  • Reliable system assured by Panasonic quality and extendable 3 year warranty
  • Fully integrated to ShopMate and ShopMate Fuel PoS systems from RDP
  • Easy installation fully managed by the Panasonic Team
  • UK-based support helpdesk with Panasonic engineers available to resolve any issues
  • Dedicated partner pricing developed in collaboration with Booker
Jempson ESL

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Key Benefits

  • Save time: Replicate price changes in real time – from the system to the shelf
  • Increase profit: See a full return on investment after 1.5 years
  • Enhance efficiency: Estimated product turnover increase of about 10%
  • Customise price tags: Practically unlimited tag design options
  • Easy Promotions: Automate all your on-promotions and off-promotions
  • Better Store Management: Free up your time to focus on customers and other important tasks