Collaboration @ ISE2023

  • The way we work is changing with people needing to be able to collaborate and share whether at home, in the office or on the move. 
  • Meeting rooms are being turned into modern collaboration spaces using technology to connect with people wherever they are. 
  • Whatever device they use - work issue, personal laptop, tablet or phone - people want to be able to instantly connect and share information.
  • Creating an intuitive digital workspace that supports hybrid working and delivers meeting equity for those participating remotely is going to be essential for success. 
  • As a result, technology solutions are being integrated to work seamlessly together, be intuitive to use and cable-free.


Step into the Meeting Room of the Future, designed for digital collaboration and the new way of hybrid working.
Try wireless presentation systems and interactive digital displays for instant collaboration. Test 360 degree video conferencing solutions that ensure meeting equity by making hybrid meetings more natural for remote participants and experience attention grabbing presentations with projection solutions fitting to Microsoft new Front Row design for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

  • PressIT360 delivers meeting equity with its next generation camera speakerphone designed to make hybrid meetings more natural for all - especially those participating remotely
  • The CMZ50 LCD projector with ultra short throw lens delivers 80-inch images from approximately 1cm allowing presenters to work confidently without worrying about shadows on the screen or being dazzled by light from the lens and providing onsite and remote participants a clear view of detailed content
  • PressIT the stress-free wireless presentation system for business gets you sharing and collaborating at the press of a button
  • Addressing the growing need for intuitive to use instant collaboration technologies, the best-in-class EQ2-PCAP Series expands our range of 4K touch displays. With six screen options, ranging from 43-86 inches, these premium interactive multi-touch professional displays with Capacitive Touch Technology make collaboration in meetings, brainstorm sessions and classrooms effortless and productive. 

Products Used