Corporate Production Studio

  • Media Production Suite including Chromakey less production
  • Complete IP workflow from capture, production to delivery
  • Latest PTZs, Studio cameras and Robotic solutions
  • KAIROS updates
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Deeper dive into Corporate Production Studio

  • Media Production Suite

    Media production suite is designed to simplify and centralise existing software programs such as our PTZ control Centre and Easy IP into one place, while including a several new and exciting features, such as: Auto tracking software, Visual presets, Video Mixer and A.I. Keying (Chroma Keyless feature) to name a few. 


  • Complete IP Workflow 

    The support of IP leading standards such as NDI, SRT and ST2110 is already an integral part of our portfolio. From PTZ and Studio cameras such as the, AW-UE160 which was the first 4K 50/60fps 12G SDI PTZ camera on the market, while also being the first PTZ camera to support ST2210. The AK-PLV100 S35 5.7K MOS sensor and PL mount studio camera, showcasing the cinematic and shallow depth of field imagery, all the way to our KAIROS system. KAIROS is the perfect tool to adopt IP, bridging the gap between traditional SDI world, especially with our brand-new cores, KC200 and KC2000 and our latest firmware update V1.6. And not to mention showcasing the images on our market leading displays and projectors.


  • Latest Flexible Rail System – PanaTrack

    The PanaTrack is a bendable and flexible camera slider for profession use, enabling linear and curved camera track with one device. The system can be controlled fully by one of Panasonic control units, AW-RP150 or AW-RP60 or external devices and can run on power or battery. Not only is there flexibility in the shape, but also how it can be installed, the system can be mounted in several mounting configurations such as the floor, on tripods, and suspended from the ceiling or trusses. Additionally, the PanaTrack can be combined with other third party robotics such as the PanaPod to provide elevation and vertical movement. 


  • Comparing Super 35mm with normal format sensors 

    Whether it is cinematic or traditional imagery you are looking for, Panasonic has the answer with our range of studio cameras including our PLV100, UC4000, UC3900, but also our new 4K/IP oriented CCU’s AK-UCU700 and AK-UCU710. And will be providing a live demonstration between a normal sensor and our latest S35mm sensor.