Collaboration @ ISE2024

  • Step into our immersive meeting space to see how the world of work has changed forever. 
  • Designed for the latest generation of digital-native workers, experience hybrid meetings where alll participants can contribute because they are in the room. 
  • Super-charge your brainstorms with content and ideas shared instantly in front of your eyes. 
  • Captivate audiences with presentations and training sessions that spark their imagination. 
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True business collaboration requires new thinking on traditional meeting spaces. Step into our flexible immersive meeting rooms to see how they can be easily adapted for a variety of collaboration needs. Experience hybrid meetings where participants feel like they are in the room with each other, brainstorms with high quality visual content and ideas shared instantly in front of your eyes and relaxing environments with a variety backdrops and colours designed to stimulate creativity and discussion. These meeting rooms of the future are equipped with our latest MZ882 projectors with edge blending and PressIT360 video conferencing solution.