Entertainment @ ISE 2024

  • We are living in the Experience Economy where people value experiences over possessions.
  • Immersive experiences require best in class colour reproduction and 4K for realistic and natural visuals
  • Never break the immersive illusion by ensuring hardware is never in view by using flexible installation options and shadows never cast by using specialist Short Throw Lenses
  • Technology reliability and lower operating costs are essential to ensure the show always goes on.
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Discover Immersive Space

Transport yourself into a new immersive and interactive universe of stars and planets. Take control and interact with the out-of-this-world 4K content projected from our high brightness projectors using the interactive storytelling globe. SEDNA and its next gen immersive content to create an incredible 4K experience powered by 8 Panasonic PT-RQ35 laser projectors using ultra short throw lenses. Globocess with its incredible interactive storytelling globe to demonstrate the endless interactive potential of projection using 2 PT-REQ12 (Vertical).