Panasonic and LANG DRIVE SMPTE ST 2110 IP Transmission Standard for Broadcast Tech

LANG invests in SMPTE ST 2110 compatible broadcast technology from Panasonic Connect Europe driving the deployment of the open and flexible IP-based video transmission standard.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 9th November 2023 – LANG AG, a leading service provider for professional video applications in the Europe, has announced its commitment and continued investment in market-leading SMPTE ST 2110-compatible products from Panasonic Connect Europe, increasing the deployment of the open and flexible IP-based video transmission standard.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) created SMPTE ST 2110 - a family of open standards for the transmission of video and audio signals over IP – in a revolution for broadcast and media technology as well as the events industry. The standards define how digital media can be transmitted over an IP network, including video, audio and metadata.

Panasonic recognized the huge potential for the broadcast market and has already developed numerous SMPTE ST 2110-compatible products as part of its portfolio. Customers of LANG can rent or buy this technology for their events and productions, and benefit from new application possibilities based on standardized IP protocols and infrastructures.

"Thanks to the open and manufacturer-independent protocol family around SMPTE ST 2110 and the IPMX based on it, there are completely new possibilities for IT-based video distribution. Panasonic's broad product portfolio helps us and our customers to experience the benefits of this new technology in a wide range of applications."

New applications based on IP protocols and infrastructures

SMPTE ST 2110, and with it the migration from SDI to IP, creates an interoperable, scalable system where all signals required for production and transmission facilities can for the first time be distributed bi-directionally over a local network. The standard defines the entire transmission system, the maximum supported resolutions, and synchronization between streams via precision timing protocol. The flows of audio, video, and metadata such as subtitles, teletext and timecodes are synchronized with each other, and can be sent separately and brought back together again at the endpoint.

While SMPTE ST 2110 is gradually replacing the SDI interface in the broadcast sector, the standard is at the same time the basis for the transmission format IPMX (Internet Protocol Media Experience), which was created by the industry consortium AIMS. IPMX can work with a light compression, where JPEG-XS is used as codec. This allows images to be transmitted visually without loss and with microsecond delay. IPMX also supports HDCP-protected content, which is often used in HDMI connections.

"We believe the SMPTE ST 2110 standard will continue to play an increasing role as a core technology in the industry and will be a key element in the development of new cameras and vision mixers. Panasonic supports SMPTE ST 2110 and its full breadth of applications, from broadcast applications to compressed JPEG-XS. Panasonic not only scales the devices in the network, but also by supporting a wide range of AVoIP formats across the different application areas."

Panasonic announced a partnership with JPEG-XS technology provider IntoPIX at NAB 2023

The following Panasonic products already support SMPTE ST 2110 and are part of the LANG portfolio:

  • The AW-UE160 4K PTZ camera has been on the market since spring 2023. This was the first compact PTZ camera in the industry to support SMPTE ST 2110, and in the future will support IPMX among numerous other streaming formats.
  • The AK-PLV100 4K studio camera featuring a Super35 sensor will be compatible with SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX in the near future. Bi-directional SMPTE ST 2110 transmission is possible without a CCU, therefore enabling efficient IP-based live productions using the camera head alone. SMPTE ST 2110 compatibility also allows more efficent connection to the KAIROS IT/IP platform.
  • As a hybrid system, the KAIROS IT/IP platform supports established baseband signals as well as SMPTE ST 2110, providing a migration path to powerful IP-based formats. The live switching system supports far more than 100 SMPTE ST 2110 channels for highly efficient live productions.
  • The AK-UCU600 Camera Base Station is also compatible with SMPTE ST 2110 with the AK-NP600 Option Board.
  • The AK-HC3900 studio camera, which features heavily in the corporate sector, is also now compatible with SMPTE ST 2110 with the purchase of a firmware update.

About LANG

LANG is a European wholesaler for the rental and sale of visual presentation equipment and its peripherals. The company specializes in offering particularly high-quality products to the professional AV market. Thanks to constant research and development as well as clear market proximity, LANG is able to offer rental and purchase customers the right products from an extensive portfolio. LANG maintains close partnerships with leading manufacturers around the world. Due to their independence in the market and experienced specialists as contact persons, manufacturers and customers benefit from the intensive exchange of experience during product development, the design of projects as well as prior to purchase decisions. Services, also as an official service center for well-known manufacturers, complement the sales and round off LANG's range of services. At the beginning of 2017, LANG AG founded two independently operating companies in Switzerland and the UK, as well as in Spain in mid-2019. Together with LANG BARANDAY AG in Zurich, LANG UK in London and LANG IBERIA in Barcelona, LANG AG will serve the European market from now on.

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