Panasonic Projectors Used To Deliver The UK’s First Immersive Karting Experience

Chaos Karts in Manchester uses Panasonic’s 20,000lm PT-MZ20 Series of LCD projectors to place players in a live action video gaming experience.

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Wiesbaden, DE. 13th November 2023 – Panasonic Connect Europe’s LCD laser projectors have been installed at Chaos Karts in the centre of Manchester, combining gaming and go-karting at the UK’s first interactive entertainment venue of its kind. A total of 23 Panasonic PT-MZ20 Series LCD SOLID SHINE laser projectors are used throughout the attraction, which throws players into a virtual video game to race-battle with competitors.

Engineered by The Ents Inc, Chaos Karts is an innovative new experience where players burn rubber around a potentially infinite number of tracks in a digitally projected world, whilst their vehicle interacts with the virtual track and any challenges rival players might “launch” their way. The Panasonic projectors are used to project images of the circuits, and virtual power-ups and weapons that can be used by each player, for a truly engaging and immersive live action video game experience.

Long-Lasting Brightness and Reliability

The PT-MZ20 Series is Panasonic’s smallest, lightest and brightest LCD laser projector delivering up to 20,000lm, with WUXGA resolution and SOLID SHINE technology delivering high quality projection. It is perfectly suited to the needs of Chaos Karts, which requires continuous projection and minimal maintenance to deliver its year-round experience.

Weighing only 23kg, and delivering 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation due to its dustproof construction, long-lasting eco filter and unique Liquid Cooling System, the PT-MZ20 Series delivers the class-leading reliability and installation flexibility critical for immersive experience venues.

Panasonic Leading in Gamification

"Immersive and gamification experiences in the entertainment industry are booming and Panasonic has a range of projectors specifically designed for the needs of these venues. Projector reliability and quality visuals are at the top of the list of needs for this sector. Panasonic is at the forefront of these developments with our teams able to assist in the planning and design of an experience and our projectors transporting participants to new worlds with their high quality, reliable visual projections."

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