Panasonic strengthens lecture capture approach alongside Panopto

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Panasonic Business has announced a technical collaboration with all-in-one video platform supplier Panopto, working together to provide turnkey video platform solutions for universities and businesses.

This collaboration will give customers the capability to bundle Panasonic remote cameras with the Panopto lecture capture platform, in order to facilitate access to study material for students who are unable to make lectures, or wish to revisit course material.

Panasonic has been developing a ‘Virtual USB’ application, so customers can connect Panasonic remote cameras, such as the AW-HE40, purely over IP, with no need for HDMI or SDI connections in order to be compatible with the Panopto recording system. This collaboration of systems means less cabling, adaptors and power points, while enabling a fully IP controllable environment. Such IP infrastructures are well suited to large auditoriums and use in the corporate sector for meetings and training.

Another software that complements the Panopto system is Panasonic’s AW-SF200 auto tracking server software which enables auto tracking of lecturers and presenters using multiple remote cameras. This automated tracking video is then captured by the Panopto system, delivering an end to end automated solution.

“Higher Education is a growing and strategic market for Panasonic, and the use of our Lecture Capture is supporting universities to improve the learning experience of their students,” comments Enrique Robledo, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic. “We are looking to consolidate our position within the higher education market, and see great potential for the use of our innovative technology in the corporate market too.”

Both Panasonic and Panopto have made API information available free online for integration support with systems such as Crestron. This means AV managers can really customise auditoriums or conference facilities to their exact needs with Panasonic remote cameras, projectors and displays alongside the Panopto recorder, all connected via a Creston system for control and source switching.

Panasonic and Panopto lecture capture can be implemented in multi-room environments, simultaneously capturing audio, video and presentation data. This is stored in a secure platform to enable live streaming and playback of pre-recorded lectures, webinars, conferences and events.

What started as a technical collaboration, between two industry leaders, has turned into a distribution agreement, which will see Panasonic incorporate Panopto into its portfolio, bringing an extraordinary proposition to the market.

The collaboration will see Panasonic incorporating Panopto into its portfolio, initially in Germany.

For more information, visit the Panasonic booth in Hall 1, Booth H20 at ISE2018, Amsterdam RAI, February 6–9 or for more information on Panasonic Visual System Solutions, please visit:

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