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Find the technology you need to attract and engage knowledge-hungry minds, and achieve the best results for your students and your institution.

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A smarter partnership.

Education is now a competitive industry like any other. Every student is a ‘customer’ – and one who’s grown up in a digital world. We’re here to help you, first to attract them, then keep them engaged. We consult with you, then share knowledge and insights to identify opportunities and deliver intelligent, connected solutions; from proven lecture capture technology for remote learning, to high quality daylight laser projection. All helping you transition from the analogue, paper-based world into a new era of interactive audio/visual engagement – at a pace dictated by you.

Class-leading solutions for Education.

In the ‘anytime anywhere’ world of learning, working and training, here’s how we help you connect and communicate with your audience. Whether it’s a SCALE-UP classroom or a BYOD tutorial, we have the solution.

Why work with us.

When your customers are technologically sophisticated, access to sophisticated technology is critical. As leading innovators in the field, our experience and expertise – combined with a deep sector knowledge – allow us to help you deliver the learning experiences demanded today. Whether you call it blended learning or technology-mediated instruction, some tech companies will call it an opportunity to blind you with science. Instead, at Panasonic Connect, we’re a collaborative partner who will work hard to find the right solution for your institution. 

A look at new ways of learning.

From the auditorium to the seminar room to the dedicated studio, get a 360° view of the ways we’re supporting institutions like yours in bringing lectures and training sessions to life – explore our 3D solution drawing. 

Stories like yours.

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Optimisation for Education.

We believe the way to set new standards in teaching, learning and the student experience, is to raise the standards of quality in AV equipment, projection, displays and PTZ cameras – from glass to glass. In collaboration with our partners for video content management software, we’re delivering all you need to create seamless learning experiences, and to maximise the potential of the classroom, lecture theatre or conference space.

Helping you to hit your sustainability targets.

As if you weren’t under enough pressure to provide students with their every need, many will want to examine your green credentials too. Don’t worry, Panasonic’s mission and philosophy are aligned with theirs and yours. Products like our projectors are designed to consume less energy, and through their durability, produce less waste. Yet this is just a small part of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative to reduce not only our own CO2 emissions, but those of our customers and society as a whole. When you partner with Panasonic Connect, you partner for tomorrow.

Insights you can use – right now.

If you want our views and opinions on how we see the future of education, you needn’t wait to meet us. Here’s where you’ll find our blogs, whitepapers and opinion pieces on the subject. They’ll show you we’re on the same page.

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