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Wall Mounts for PTZ Cameras

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Key features

Designed exclusively for Panasonic PTZ cameras
Available in black and white
Only requires supplied mounting plate to attach the PTZ camera
Standing or hanging mounting of the camera possible

KST Moschkau GmbH has developed a mounting solution for Panasonic PTZ cameras.

Each wall mount bracket consists of:

  • A wall mounting plate with 4 elongated holes for 8mm screws.
  • A concealed cable guide opening.
  • An extension arm with integrated storage compartment for power supply units or converters which is equipped with ventilation slots on the top.
  • The camera mounting level on which the original mounting bracket of the camera is mounted.

The KST wall mount brackets are available in three different designs to match the extensive PTZ range:

For AW-UE160 series:

• KST-WM-UE160-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-UE160-WWall Mount Bracket white

For AW-UE150 and AW-HE145 series:

• KST-WM-UE150-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-UE150-WWall Mount Bracket white

For AW-UE100 and AW-UE80 series:

• KST-WM-UE100-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-UE100-WWall Mount Bracket white

For AW-HE20, AW-UE20, AW-UE30, AW-UE40, AW-UE50, AW-UE70/-UN70, AW-HE42/-HN42, AW-HE40/-HN40, AW-HE38/-HN38 series:

• KST-WM-HE40/UE70-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-HE40/UE70-WWall Mount Bracket white

For the AW-UE4 series:

• KST-WM-UE4-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-UE4-WWall Mount Bracket white

For AW-HE130 series (discontinued) and AW-HN130 series (discontinued):

• KST-WM-HEA10/130-BWall Mount Bracket black
• KST-WM-HEA10/130-WWall Mount Bracket white

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