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Make your installations easier

By combining our digital interface accessories (switcher or single interface boxes) with a DIGITAL LINK-ready display, you can transmit HDMI signals, uncompressed Full-HD videos, audio, and control commands through a single LAN cable over very long distances – up to 150m. This simple, high-quality digital transmission technology (based on HDBaseT™ technology) works to reduce installation costs and complexity in venues of all sizes.

In the same way, our Multi Window Processor offers a variety of multi-screen layout solutions by processing different input sources onto video walls, displays and edge blending projection systems. 

Control your assets better

Our Early Warning Software constantly monitors the status of projectors and displays. Connected to an intranet, it informs you when an abnormality is detected or predicted, or when there are symptoms of trouble. This minimises downtime and provides a more stable operation. You can monitor up to 2048 projectors or displays, and the system can be smoothly integrated to your existing monitoring system, using SNMP protocol.

Alternatively, Panasonic also offers a full-service package through CARES (Customer Assurance through Remote monitoring and Enhanced Service solutions). This service is for the projectors and displays in your business, connected via our Mobile Virtual Network. It helps you maximise uptime, minimise costly interruptions, and stay focused on your professional priorities. 

Read more about CARES here.

You can view our range of accessories and Panasonic displays software. And should you need help or advice with accessories or software, our customer service team has local expertise on hand to support you.