Global Deposit Refund System For Cold Chain Logistics

Thanks to New Temperature Sensitive Transportation Boxes

More flexibility for CMOs and CDMOs

Using 70 years of experience in cooling technology for the development of an innovative production process that allows for Vacuum Insulated Cases in passive cooling systems, instead for the currently market dominating Vacuum Insulated Panels.

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The advantages:

  • Up to 30% longer cool keeping times,
  • for temperature ranges up to -90°C,
  • less weight and still higher robustness,
  • a modular and therefore flexible usability. 

With those features the so named VIXELL system is ideal for circular economy models. Consequential Panasonic offers upon request the option of renting the boxes or booking the transportation for global distributions, e.g. for clinical trials. 

Interested in a Demo or Validation?

Book an immediate demonstration or validation of the passive cooling solution for yourself. Here some more reasons to do so:

  • 4 years outstanding durability
  • Seamless insulation body keeps -90℃±15℃ for 216 hours
  • Broad product line-up: From 1l to 452l payload volume
  • Up to three times thicker envelope provides protection from physical damage
  • Various cooling temperatures can be achieved by simply replacing the thermal storage unit
  • The integral moulding of the box shape can eliminate leakage of cold air from the joint.

Learn what additions to the line-up and the service offering can help you to get more reliability, more transparency and more flexibility for your business.

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Real-Time Transparency 24/7

VIXELL is equipped with a wireless vacuum sensor that uses contactless power supply technology, making it easy to check the cooling performance before shipping. A temperature logger that emits radio signals can also be used to measure the temperature and position of the box in real-time throughout its journey, allowing the customer to check the status of pharmaceuticals at any time. This is possible as a result of VIXELL’s resin housing, rather than the radio signal-blocking metal construction of traditional transportation boxes.

Attractive rental and logistics options

Using VIXELL, its unique vacuum insulated box, and partnering with pharmaceutical transport experts Nissin Corporation, the service offer routes between the EU, US and Japan.

The circular system contributes to a more sustainable society and saves money as well as resources. After sensitive pharmaceuticals have been shipped internationally with the temperature-controlled transfer service, the VIXELL system will be reused upon completion of its journey. 

Supply Chain Shortages in Bio Pharma – The Role of Technology

Panasonic recently sponsored a Digital Think Tank roundtable discussion with some of the leading lights from the pharma industry. During the discussion we talked about how technology can be leveraged to address supply chain challenges more effectively; how supply chain shortages in pharmaceutical production impact supply chain issues related to clinical trials, including the R&D phase of products, and how risks can be mitigated. We also discussed the importance of sustainability and whether that influences decision-making processes, as well as looking at the measures organisations have implemented and their sustainability objectives.

Here we have collated the top ten takeaways from what was a highly illuminating discussion.