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Pioneer and Reliable Partner in Laser and Arc-Welding

by Claudia Schemann, Sales & Marketing

Claudia Schemann shares some interesting und unknown facts about the Robot & Welding department. 

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A time ride

Panasonic was founded in 1918 in Japan by Konosuke Matsushita. Since then, Panasonic has constantly developed new technologies and continued to grow its business. In 1957, the Robot & Welding sector was founded with the first arc welding machine.. However, did you know…? 

Robot & Welding initially started with manual welding equipment, and then started with the development of welding robots since the 80s. Continued with system controller and full digital welding units in the beginning of the 2000s. Several arc welding technologies and systems have been invented and released to the market in the meantime. A great achievement and development for the industry is the LAPRISS Robotic Laser Welding unit unveiled in 2016. 

Laser Welding

LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) uses the Panasonic servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions. The system uses Panasonic’s direct diode laser - a worldwide unique laser source with a wavelength of 975 nm-, which is applicable to metal cutting and welding, as well as the rapidly growing next generation thermal processing fields such as 3D printing, surface processing, and multi material processing for (non) ferrous metals.

Panasonic’s patented Wavelength Beam Combining (WBC) technology produces direct diode lasers with high power and a superior beam quality. The laser has unmatched performance in welding and cutting. It also simplifies manufacturing processes by delivering wider process windows, minimizing weld spatter, and increasing processing speeds. However, did you know…? 

LAPRISS’ laser head is lightweight and compact with only 4.5 kg - comparable to 3 average weight pineapples. An advantage of this low weight is to allow the laser head to be mounted to the high-speed compact Panasonic TM series of robots. The result is a complete system with unique compactness and a seamless interface between the process and automation components. Furthermore, servo-motor-adjustable water-cooled lenses are installed within the laser head, which allow for new weld seam geometries without additional robot movement (Trepanning) These lenses are protected with a Φ3cm glass, which can be exchanged very easily, inexpensively and without tools.


Faster, better and worldwide unique. The idea behind TAWERS is based on the “fusion technology” contained in TAWERS, whereby the robot controller is fused with the welding power source controller. All control parameters such as data processing and programming sequences for the welding power source, the wire feed and the robot are combined on a 64-bit CPU PCB. This technology enables up to 250 times faster communication, eliminating virtually any delay in information flow between the individual components. The result is unique and allows many special functions to increase the quality and productivity of TAWERS, e.g., SP-MAG, lift start and lift end, automatic wire distance control, welding data monitoring, collision detection etc. However, did you know…? 

TAWERS is the abbreviation for “The Arc Welding Robot System” and was released in 2005 with the TA-1400WG industrial robot. Clearly stated with the TAWERS concept, Panasonic Robot & Welding provides all technology combined - all from one manufacturer. 

630 km - one purpose

The European Robot & Welding headquarter is located in Neuss near Dusseldorf and offers a big training room, a welding test area and forms herewith the center of excellence for robot and welding systems. However, did you know…?

About 630 km southeast of Neuss is the Panasonic Campus Munich, which offers a variety of Panasonic technologies to experience - including a Robot & Welding demo room. With demand for precision welding in areas such as the manufacturing, construction and automotive industry on the rise and a shortage of skilled human labour, the robot and welding systems at the Panasonic Customer Experience Centre are in high demand. Here visitors can get close-up to and even test the range of systems from Panasonic Factory Solutions.

We hope to welcome you soon in Munich or in Neuss!

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