Panasonic projectors at the D-Day Landing Museum: An immersive historical experience.

Panasonic projectors bring the historic images and landmark of the D-Day landings to life, accompanying visitors on an educational and enriching visual journey.

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Client: D-Day Landing Museum in Arromanches-les-Bains, France.

Location: Place du 6 juin, 14117 Arromanches-les-Bains, France.

Product(s) supplied: PT-MZ16KL PT-RZ990 ET-EMW300 ET-DLE060 ET-DLE020 ET-DLE085 PT-RZ790


Reconstruct historical events of the D-Day landings, bringing together multiple sites, artefacts and archive footage for an intergenerational task of remembrance.


Multiple installations, including an auditorium, an immersive video mural, video-mapping and virtual reality projections, powered by state-of-the-art Panasonic laser projectors.

"The use of video helps visualise the history of the D-Day Landings, leveraging the power of the image over words."

Museum concept

"As we have no harbour at our disposal, we shall bring ours." With these words, Winston Churchill and Lord Mountbatten made Arromanches and its artificial harbour a central part of the historic Allied landings of June 6th 1944, which helped to liberate France, Europe, and the world from tyranny.

The visual exhibition includes seven sequences which will explain the incredible technological and logistical challenge involved in building the prefabricated harbours that were used to transport men, equipment and supplies inland during the summer of 1944.

immersive experience

Memorial path

Visitors are first invited to take a seat in an auditorium, for an introductory film on the period between 1919 and 1944, projected by a PT-RZ790 mono-DLP™ laser projector.

They will then cross an overpass and have the opportunity to view a 10m x 3m panoramic image that depicts the events of the night of June 5 into June 6, 1944. A ray of light is welcome after reliving some of the darkest hours in modern history. 

The projection distance is very short in this immersive space, leading integrator Auvisys to choose four 1-Chip DLP PT-RZ790 laser projectors and ET-DLE060 short-throw lenses. As visitors are in close proximity to projectors, these are set to 'QUIET' mode to ensure that viewers are not disturbed. The projector brightness has been adjusted to ensure constant light output.

Virtual reality projection

Video mapping on a large 28m² model analyses post-D-Day operations from June 7 to June 11, 1944. A projection of the harbour onto a transparent holographic canvas, superimposed on the backdrop of the sea through the windows, allows visitors to witness the artificial harbour being rebuilt in front of them, to a soundtrack that perfectly reflects the era.

"We were looking for compact, bright, reliable, and quiet projectors," explains Christophe Vallée, Sales Director of Auvisys, the integrator in charge of audiovisual installation at the D-Day Landings Museum. "For the model projection, we used a PT-RZ990 with an ET-DLE020 ultra-wide-angle lens, which only Panasonic offers." 

A brightness sensor has also been added outside, helping to automatically adjust the projector brightness according to ambient light levels.

immersive experience

Reliability and discrete installation

All projectors are connected in HDBaseT™, via the DIGITAL LINK port. This guarantees a reliable connection over long cabling distances. Integration is discreet and secure, with a single cable connecting the projector and video source. 

Panasonic's laser projectors require minimal maintenance. The 3LCD PT-MZ and 1-Chip DLP PT-RZ series are designed to deliver 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation with long-lasting brightness and color uniformity, thanks to a state-of-the-art dust-resistant optical engine. 


"The high level of technological innovation within the museum, thanks to Panasonic's market-leading projectors, brings a pivotal part of history into the present day."concludes Frédéric Sommier. 

"Grâce à l’apport technologique de ce nouvel établissement, notamment au travers des vidéoprojecteurs Panasonic, l’Histoire a vraiment rendez-vous avec l’avenir. "

D Day Museum

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