NPM-VF insertion machine offers new levels of flexibility

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Panasonic Factory Solutions, a division of Panasonic Industry Europe, presents the evolution of the NPM-VF, a true odd-form component insertion machine.

It evolved from decades of know-how in THT and SMT placement technology. The dual-gantry, multi-head, odd-form placement and insertion machine has been constantly improved to provide new levels of flexibility within the production environment. With its various configurations of head tools and machine feeder possibilities the placement of odd-shape components is highly effective. This increases quality, output and ultimately reduces manpower at the production line. The NPM-VF achieves a high-speed throughput of up to 4.500cph, with component sizes ranging from 5x5mm up to 130x35mm and 60mm in height.

The integrated body chuck is designed to grip large, odd-form components without a pick surface and through-hole components are handled by the lead chuck. Standard options for highest insertion flexibility are the active cut and clinch function and high insertion forces of 100N-150N. With its flexible feeder configuration components can be provided by feeder cart, single tray or double tray feeder. Along with the standard SMT intelligent tape feeders various component feeding types are possible:
tray feeder, stick feeder, radial and axial tape feeder and bowl feeder.
Also the loading of components is possible during the operation of the NPM-VF, so downtime due to component exhaust is eliminated. 

Of course the NPM-VF can be integrated into a connected production environment with the line manager software iLNB and can be managed by PanaCIM Gen2. High-level software features, such as auditable verification, plant-wide total traceability, automatic changeover and material tracking are available to further increase the quality and productivity of the manufacturing process.

Building on from the solid NPM SMT platform, the NPM-VF offers flexibility and customizable options to address your production needs extending the possibilities of automatization in your manufacturing.

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