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Automotive industry is on the verge of a tech revolution. Autonomous cars, smart workshops, the digital marketplace, predictive maintenance, 5G and electric vehicles: these buzzwords of today are the technology of tomorrow.

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The future is digital

automotive industry is on the verge of a tech revolution. Autonomous cars, smart workshops, the digital marketplace, predictive maintenance, 5G and electric vehicles: these buzzwords of today are the technology of tomorrow.

Preparing for this future means implementing digital transformation in all your key areas: from R&D and production to showroom and workshop. It means choosing the right technology – and the right partner – to navigate this digital challenge.

At Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, we’ve been working closely with the automotive industry for over two decades. So, we truly understand the challenges you face now, and those you’ll face in the future.

That’s why we help automotive businesses across the globe to do more. To deliver better service. To increase productivity.

"Panasonic TOUGHBOOK PCs are eight times more reliable than average industry notebooks without rugged features*"

Your ultimate automotive technology partner

How do we do this? By being different from other mobile technology providers. By being more in tune with automotive customers’ needs. By being more specialised in matching our technology to their exact requirements. And by offering eco-friendly products that will help safeguard the future of our planet.

Together, we’ll be ready for any future developments in the automotive industry.

Driving the digital future

TOUGHBOOK intelligent, interconnected systems and devices are streamlining activities and improving productivity across the entire automotive value chain.

Long-term relationships built on trust and excellence

Many of the world’s most successful automotive organisations rely on us for their mobile solutions. And have done for years.

Optimise your diagnostics and productivity

Today’s time-pressured, accuracy-driven, highly-mobile working conditions mean your technicians must be able to operate away from the workbench, with maximum efficiency and without fear of device failure. They need high-performing tech that provides not only uninterrupted full-shift operation, but that can also be used like any other multitasking tool in their kit bag, whether in the workshop, by the side of the road or in a muddy field.

Through listening to leading vehicle manufacturers, we’ve integrated automotive-specific technology such as second wireless LAN and rugged USB connectors into our TOUGHBOOK notebooks, tablets and handhelds. And should you require additional tools and technology as part of your TOUGHBOOK solution, we offer a variety of packaging services – with all components in one box – right up to fully-bespoke diagnostics kits in branded cases.

Enhance your R&D

TOUGHBOOK R&D solutions allow connectivity to your legacy measurement and testing devices, while offering rugged 3.0 USB ports to meet any future needs.

They can be used within many areas of the R&D value chain, such as vehicle testing, measurement, calibration, reflashing and road testing, where performance, screen resolution and durability really matter.

Revolutionise your customer service

There’s a growing trend for dealers to empower their service reception advisors to proactively meet and greet the customer at the side of the vehicle, increasing satisfaction scores and generating upsell opportunities and increased revenue.

With TOUGHBOOK, queues become a thing of the past and workshop receptions and showrooms can operate more effectively than ever before.

Crucially, the lightweight yet robust mobile designs of the TOUGHBOOK range allow your service adviser to provide real-time information on the showroom floor, or perform quick, on-the-spot vehicle health checks outdoors, no matter the weather conditions.

Shape-up your smart factory

Minimising vehicle assembly-line downtime has never been more vital. As the sector moves away from fixed legacy systems, your production engineers should be equipped with devices that enable seamless movement around your facilities.

With TOUGHBOOK, they can rely on multiple-shift battery options and dedicated end-of-line testing solutions. Enabling them to react quickly and head straight to the point of failure when the line breaks down, ensuring operation is restored and unnecessary delays and costs are avoided.

A global tier 1 supplier

"With more than 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry and full knowledge of the aftersales business, we’re able to supply a full tier 1 service to carmakers – from contractual and financial responsibility and centralised stock management, to solution kitting and first-line hardware services and repair."

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